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So how does a shoe store go about creating a comfortable experience for its customers? In a manner that involves employee training, product knowledge, and customer insight. Creating the optimal customer experience begins with the company’s employees who are treated as valuable partners. Employee training and education are integral parts of the Ronsons philosophy, because one must understand feet if they are to understand how to fit shoes. Customer insight and customer feedback are other key elements of the Ronsons philosophy. This insight helps the company select merchandise that meets the needs of its consumers. While many retailers define their customer’s needs through the latest trends, Ronsons listens to its customers. The deciding factor for the Ronsons customer is the functionality, the comfort, and the fit of the shoe. If a shoe does not include these elements, we won’t carry it in the stores, no matter how "right" it might be.

Ronsons keeps a database of their customer’s purchases including brand and style preference, and any other bits of information that might help to enhance a customer’s experience each time they return to a store. The database is accessible from each of our locations. This transfer of knowledge ensures a consistent customer experience across locations and employees

Doing whatever it takes to make a customer happy is critical to ensuring an optimal customer experience, and this is perhaps Ronsons most fundamental principle. This entails taking the time to understand the needs of a particular customer and then going that extra mile. When a customer comes in to try on a new pair of shoes, staff may polish the pair they are wearing or check the fit. Maybe the old shoes need new laces, or need to be "snugged up a bit"; whatever an employee notices is needed, is offered and it’s offered for free. The Ronsons experience is all about the customer, and less about closing a sale. Our employees won’t let a customer walk out of a store if they are not satisfied that the customer is satisfied.

As such, Ronsons customers are loyal and are the company’s best form of PR. The same can be said for its employees. Many have been with the company since its inception. This has contributed to Ronsons ability to establish loyal, profitable relationships, expand its customer base, and become synonymous with a great shopping experience. So what does the future hold for Ronsons? "More of the same". Just as styles change, so do the needs of our customers. Our challenge is to ensure that we keep on providing customers with an optimal shopping experience. We continually evaluate the needs of our customers and if necessary, refine our principle, our product and our philosophy in response.

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