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Ronsons employees are taught how to correctly measure a foot before they ever assist a customer. Typically this training takes two weeks. Learning how to measure a foot and determine shoe size is a lost art and is vital to ensuring a comfortable fit. When we measure feet, we aren't just discovering the length and the width of the foot. We are assessing the foot. We are determining which style and which brand will work best for that customer.

Ronsons employees gain product knowledge by attending shoe clinics. Here they learn everything there is to know about the products that Ronsons sells, from the engineering of the shoe, to specialized fitting techniques. Before Ronsons employees recommend a shoe or measure a foot, they gain insight into their customer’s lifestyle. Do they stand on their feet all day? Are they going on a walking tour? Do they require extra support? The answers to these questions will ultimately ensure the shoe fits the customer, and vice versa.

We hope that the moment you walk through our door, you notice the difference. We are not about the hard sell. We want to know about you, your activities, your preferences and your feet. We will look at your feet, will measure your feet, and will recommend shoes that both fit your needs as well as your foot. We insist on putting the shoes on your feet for you so that we can get a feel for how they fit. Every foot is different and thus is the fit of every shoe.



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